13.04.2023 | ECN.Broker launches its own copytrading service
For ECN.Broker clients is now available ECN Copytrading: service for copying strategies of experienced traders in real time. Both investors and professional traders can sign up and use the service.

How does copytrading work

As soon as the trader managing the strategy makes a trade, it is copied to their followers' accounts. ECN Copytrading is a more professional and specialized service than the usual copytrading. Our IT-engineers have implemented a number of additional settings for strategy managers and followers, including different methods of copying and payment for subscription.

How to start using the service

The Copytrading tab has already appeared in your personal ECN.Broker account in the menu on the left side. Here you can manage your Copytrading accounts and quickly switch to the service without authorization by the button Go to Copytrading.
The basic functionality of ECN Copytrading is described in the instruction manual.