Broker of 2021
ECN.Broker - Best Broker 2021
Xueqiu's "Best Broker 2021" award highlights ECN.Broker exceptional success and influence in the financial industry.

The Chinese financial platform Xueqiu carefully evaluates companies that play a key role in shaping the dynamics of the business and financial world. Through a rigorous selection process, Xueqiu highlights and rewards brands that show outstanding excellence in their respective fields. In brokerage services, ECN.Broker was named Broker of the Year for providing the best ECN trading service. ECN.Broker has continuously excelled by demonstrating its leadership and expertise in the brokerage market.
ECN.Broker provides diverse and affordable ECN services. ECN accounts, the new industry standard for trading and investing, provide the opportunity to interact directly with liquidity providers, which means faster trading at the most up-to-date prices. ECN.Broker goes further by providing clients with a variety of ECN account types, including budget options, swap-free accounts and trading commission-free accounts.

Being recognized as Broker of the Year highlights the company's exceptional contribution to the industry, bringing innovative solutions and developments.
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