ECN.Broker - best ECN broker 2022
Wins "Best ECN Broker" at 2022 Traders Union Awards
The Traders Union Awards is a massive vote by traders and customers for the most advanced and reliable financial companies of the year. This time, more than two hundred companies fought for victory in 30 nominations.
ECN.Broker turned out to be the best in everything inherent in ECN broker: the speed of execution of orders, a narrow spread, no requots and favorable trading conditions in ECN.Broker were at the highest level.

The title of "Best ECN Broker" means that ECN.Broker ensures that transactions are carried out at the best prices and the fastest stable processing among all brokers.
The "Traders Union Awards" is an annual event of the financial world. Voting within the framework of the award sums up the results of the outgoing year and determines the lists of advanced financial companies in each market segment.
The prize page has published a full list of prize winners and details about the voting.
For more than 10 years, MOFT (Traders Union )has been the organizer and VIP partner of the annual Traders Union Awards.

MOFT (MOFT, or Traders Union) is the world's first and largest international association of forex traders, which forms the most comfortable trading conditions for its participants. The association is engaged in the assessment of brokerage and exchange organizations, holds contests, votes and awards in order to form an understandable picture in the service market for traders and investors. MOFT also protects the rights of traders when working with brokers.